Brett Abikhair

Director & Finance Strategist

Brett is passionate about bringing the very best to the table. It’s the reason he’s personally completed the highest level of accreditation and education the finance industry offers over the last 30 years. It’s also why this team exists. When he’s not celebrating milestones with his clients, he’s conquering a mountain or maintaining the orchard on his macadamia farm.

Kate Julin

Practice Manager

Warm and engaging, Kate creates calm by being across all things. She’ll be your initial port of call, and a welcomed sight when you come through our door. A seasoned traveller, she’ll happily chat about any destination.

Kasey Ettenhofer

Head of Mortgages

Professional and personable, Kasey
helps alleviate the common concerns associated with the mortgage process. Like the best home loans, she hunts down the next foodie hotspot, before anyone else.

Dylan Hosken

Head of Financial Planning

Calm and friendly, Dylan’s eye for detail and dedicated management skills make him the perfect man to liaise with on any financial matter. He is the in-between for our providers and clients. His incredible patience also helps in teaching his young son the Hawk’s Club Song.

Matt Zappia

Multipart Property
Buyer’s Agent &
Property Analyst

Trusted partner and director of Multipart Property, Matt’s decade of personal and professional passion for real estate and property development serves our clients well. He also enjoys a good gym session and a delicious meal.

David Rynne

Realtime Accounting
Chartered Accountant
& Tax Agent

Trusted partner and founder of Realtime Accounting, David’s 20 years in tax and accountancy eases the journey for small business owners and individuals alike. He enjoys spending time with his kids and the occasional craft beer.