Property Investing

purchase investment properties

Our trusted partners at Multipart Property specialise in sourcing invetsment properties for our clients along the East Coast of Australia.

Their years of experience and expertise as a buyers agency allows them to provide off market solutions that help ensure your property portfolio works hard for you.

Over many years we have built a close relationship with the team at Multipart and never hesitate referring our clients to them for investment property solutions.




  • “We knew we needed and wanted to get into the property market, but we weren’t ready to buy our own homes. Thanks for telling us about a special Government Incentive that did allow us to buy. The numbers at the time seemed pretty good, but the numbers now are fantastic – the property went up in value and we’ve taken money out of the first property to buy more.”

    Josh & Levi R
  • "My property settled with a 12month tenant lease and a 5.87% gross yield, impressive!"

    Frank B